ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The ClickFunnels affiliate program can change everything for you.


Gone are the days when it comes to looking for high-converting offers to promote…

As I have yet to find a better opportunity than this.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.

What Is The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

clickfunnels affiliate program

So at the time of writing this…

I have currently made $57,026.47 in commissions (which increases every day).


Their program allows you to promote ClickFunnels (as an affiliate)…

And make some very nice commissions in the process.

Here are some of the great benefits when it comes to utilizing their program.

Recurring Affiliate Payments

One of the biggest changes I made to affiliate marketing was the types of offers I’d promote:

  • Recurring offers…
  • And of course, high-ticket offers.

ClickFunnels actually has both (which I’ll talk about the latter further into the post).

But let me tell you…

There is nothing better than knowing that you will have a steady flow of income coming in.

  • Day after day.
  • Week after week.
  • Month after month.

That’s what ClickFunnels can help you with…

As referring members to ClickFunnels allows you to get a hefty 40% commissions.

And yes…

They keep coming in month-after-month (as long as the person doesn’t cancel).

clickfunnels recurring affiliate payments

But what makes ClickFunnels so special?

People who use CF tend to stay on for a very long time (which means more commissions for you).

Here’s another huge benefit of promoting ClickFunnels.

The Sticky Cookie

So here is a scenario.

Let’s say that someone either:

  • Clicks on your affiliate link.
  • Maybe they enter in their email (but don’t buy).
  • Or maybe they enter in more of their information (but still don’t buy).

The stick cookie allows you to still make the sale if they come back and buy later…

Assuming that they don’t click on anyone else’s affiliate link.

Keep in mind too…

ClickFunnels has retargeting ads that use naked-links.

  1. So if someone clicks on your affiliate link (and they don’t buy)…
  2. But then click on a retargeting ad (and then to buy)…

You get the credit for the sale (as long as they didn’t click on anyone else’s link).

Pretty cool right?

You also get sticky cookies for people who have already purchased through you.

If they make any more purchases?

You can get the credit for those, too.

There are so many more benefits…

But let’s take a look at one more amazing benefit (that most people don’t know about).

Multiple Offers

Not only do you get to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate?

But you also get the luxury of being able to promote offers such as:

  • Funnel Scripts (which you get $318.80 per sale).
  • One Funnel Away (which is 100% commissions).
  • Funnel Builder Secrets (which you can make more than $800 per sale).

And then, of course, there are plenty of low-ticket books you can promote such as:

  • Lead Funnels.
  • Expert Secrets.
  • Dotcom Secrets.
  • Copywriting Secrets.
  • And even the Perfect Webinar.

Despite the fact that the above is lower ticket items?

  • It’s easier to get a buyer.
  • You can make money on upsells.
  • And don’t forget the stick cookie effect too!

Pretty awesome right?

So let’s wrap things up now.


There’s no doubt about it…

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is simply the best around.

  • It pays recurring commissions.
  • It pays a very hefty 40% commissions.
  • There’s a sticky cookie for helping you earn more.
  • And you can even make high-ticket sales in the process too.

So if you’re thinking about promoting ClickFunnels and everything they have to offer?

Definitely do it.

And yes, I do recommend using ClickFunnels to help you promote it.

That way you will better understand it (which allows you to help make more commissions).

Luckily for you?

I have everything you need when it comes to getting started.

Simply click the links down below to get taken to the appropriate page that you need:

Thanks again for stopping by to read this post…

And enjoy!